• The Difference is in the Data

    The iWAREHOUSE Labor Management System (LMS) helps you to identify hidden costs and missing hours that eat away at your company’s bottom line, to seeing at a glance whether you’re operating on budget. Or if you're not.

    Our solution enables you to do all that and more at a fraction of the cost of most software packages. Best of all, our LMS can be up, running, and reporting actionable data in a matter of weeks, not months.

Choose the Labor Management System For Your Operation

   Lite   Express   Hybrid   Full 
Integration with Default iWAREHOUSE Task Selection 
Integration with Custom iWAREHOUSE Task Selection   
Integration with Job Track iWAREHOUSE Task Selection   
Integration with Time Clock     
Integration with WMS       
Track Throughput 
Operational Costing 
Pay for Performance     
Qualitative Metrics     
Performance Coaching     
Multi-metric Labor Standards       
Budgeting Capabilities       

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